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I should REALLY update a lot more. Too bad I'll probably not be updating much of anything these next few months (heck, maybe even next two years) due to having to focus on school now. I'm not gonna bother trying to recap all that's happened to me since last journal. This is just to recap my experience on the Band Tour around the Gulf this year.

The Band Tour was from August 1-15. Act 1 was the rehearsals at Coe. Act 2 was the road trip down to New Orleans. Act 3 was the cruise and then the much shorter road trip home.

--ACT 1--

Day 1: Dad drove me down to Coe and we barely made it in time to sign in at the music building, Marquis (MARR-kwiss, not marr-KEE, go figure) Hall. To my pleased surprise, turns out there was a lot of money left over, and so everyone got at least $100 back from Dr. Carson (band director). I even got some extra, forget why. Anyway, happy I actually had money to spend on food over the trip, I went and got myself dinner at Wendy's. Rehearsed with everyone (except those we'd meet later on in the tour), met my friends again. That night, there was a social at Carson's house, with s'mores and hot dogs and this Indian smoothie thing that was really good.

Day 2: After brekkie, we rehearsed again, then I was like, "Okay, I brought 3 movies with me for the bus, but I've only seen 3 of them," and so I got lunch and sat down to watch Prince of Persia. It wasn't bad--it was quite entertaining and I'm happy despite the plot being almost completely different from before--but I dunno if there'll be another one, or if it's worth it. Decided to bring it still, since I kinda had to keep it with me, but I didn't think anyone would really like it. (As such, some plans for my KH fic were dashed.) Another rehearsal, where I think I ended up not feeling well by the end due to not eating a big enough lunch (or was that day 1?). Then we had good pizza and saw some info from our tour guide on New Orleans. The guy was nice and good, offense, but something about him kind of annoyed me...I dunno. But I didn't HATE him.

Day 3: Half the day was spent at Coe still, getting ready, doing another rehearsal, then getting out of Coe.

--ACT 2--

Day 3 continued: A relatively short bus ride later, we reached Washington High School and performed. It went well for our first performance, especially one in such heat and humidity. We had dinner there (and I lost a burger, which ticked me off) before the concert, and after we and our Jazz band played, we sat and listened to the Cedar Rapids Municipal Band play. Near the end, knowing I take a while in the bathroom (a constant curse on the entire tour), I went to use the facilities there. There was a lady with a couple dogs by the entrance to the building.

When I got to the doorway, I paused to look at them, leaning over a little bit. The band was about to start another song, so it was all quiet. Suddenly, one of the dogs starts barking at me, and I jumped and, a bit hurt and embarrassed, went inside. I heard people laughing behind me, and I guess it was kinda funny, and the band didn't start until this was all over, so all was good. Later, when we were leaving, the woman apologized and explained that the dog came from a bad owner who had abused her, so she got scared when people came in close to her like I did. All was good there, too. After that, we got back on the bus and went on our way to St. Louis. Since we performed at the Arch, we saw a couple shortish videos on the construction of the Arch and a Nat. Geo. video on the Louis & Clark expedition. We crashed at a Country Inn.

Day 4: We had decided beforehand to use some shirts we all got for free as our uniform that day because of the heat and TWO concerts. (All-black was the standard uniform.) We got to the Gateway Arch at St. Louis and I got some nostalgia; I'd danced there at the '99 Morris Ale (thank you, handily right next to me old button, for the date!). We went up in the Arch and I took some shots from the windows (including a couple where I'd looked straight. Down. @_@;; ). Then we got down, got to the stage area that faced the Arch directly, and set up. While everyone was getting down from the Arch, I hit the gift shop and got a pin. Our performance didn't have that huge an audience (the Wash. High audience was one of our bigger ones the whole tour), but we played. Once, a river boat blew its horn in a way that sounded like how a trombonist could play it--and it came from their direction--during one piece. It was funny.

We got to Nashville and thought we didn't have much time before restaurants closed, so we hurried up and set up our concert at the Music City Walk of Fame Park. We barely had an audience at all, sadly. Afterwards, we split up to go eat. Me and my friends and some other companions went to this relatively cheap burger joint where I ate grilled spam (which I couldn't really taste specifically). The street we walked back on was full of shops and strip clubs and restaurants, and me and my friends stopped into a gift shop briefly. There, I got a treble clef pin and laughed at some of their hilariously lewd merchandise. (Included were a pair of piggy banks with one humping the other, sperm banks, and sticky penises, vulvas, and middle fingers.) We got to a Fairfield Inn and crashed.

Day 5: No concerts, all travel. We got to New Orleans and checked into our huge Holiday Inn with a giant clarinet painted on the side before we walked down Bourbon Street. One of my friends, Alexis, was excited to be back in New Orleans since she'd lived in Louisiana before (at Moulin Rouge). Bourbon Street was scary and cool and fascinating, just to say the least. Helped they were celebrating a festival related to Louis Armstrong. We got to Preservation Hall and split up for dinner. Me and my friends and some companions (including my roommates for the trip) went to this sports bar where a lot of the group went and had some tasty alcoholic drinks (myself excluded, though I got to take a sip just to see how it tastes) and I had genuine New Orleans gumbo. It was tasty. Then we went down to Preservation Hall and listened to a group of older men sit and play Dixieland Jazz the way they played wayyyy back when--the thing Preservation Hall is preserving. It was fantastic. Then we all walked back to the hotel and crashed.

Day 6: I missed out on getting breakfast at Café du Monde because I overslept, but given my budget by the end of the tour, that mighta been a good thing. ^^; We got into our blacks and bused over to the Riverwalk Marketplace Food Court. We set up and played our concert to a growing audience as people came and had lunch that Saturday afternoon. This was the last time our Jazz band played because the drummer couldn't go on the cruise, and they did great; performing in New Orleans as a Jazz band musta been really killer. After that, I ate there (some more gumbo, I think) and went with a bunch of other people on a tour in our bus around the city with our guide. The bus moved too quick to take many good pics, it was LONG, and I got real sick of our guide by the end of it. (I swear most of it was because of general mood ^^; ) Got to look at some nice-looking cemeteries and what I think is supposed to be a bayou. I wanted to take a lot of pictures of the interestingly-colored houses in the city, but...*sigh* Oh, well. Was happy to get back to the hotel.

There, Duroje (dur-ROE-jjah (soft J)), one of my roommates and a friend from earlier years at Coe, let me play his 3DS, playing Face Raiders, and I had great fun. I REALLY wanna 3DS, and now that the price has dropped...I -still- can't afford it. And it'd be my only present if I got it for Christmas/birthday. But it'd be worth it...unless I really didn't get anything else and didn't get Skyward Sword...*blahblahblah*

I went and ate at Mulate's for dinner, having to get on the shuttle before my other friends were ready. (They walked, and it took surprisingly little time.) I felt bad, though, but I felt better as the night went on. I ate with some other people from the band, and with one of them, I had alligator (blackened to be precise) for the first time. It was tasty! I did a little dancing later that night after coming from the bathroom to find the performing Cajun band doing "The Chicken Dance". I did a waltz with one of my friends and it was fun. We left together, walking. On the way, we stopped by a CVS (which I hadn't seen one of for ages) for one of my friends to get some pain meds. There, I got a cute little magnet of an anthropomorphic gator holding his arms up with the words, "I ATE A NEW ORLEANS TOURIST THIS BIG..." underneath. Sure, it was a cheap vinyl magnet, but it was too damn cute. After that, we went back to our rooms and crashed again.

Day 7: Skipped breakfast entirely (day before I just had some Nutri-Grains and a Pop-Tart since the breakfast at the hotel wasn't free), missing out on beignets (a great disappointment), and we all went to the bus to the dock.

--ACT 3--

Day 7 cont.: We got on the Norwegian Spirit and I was like, "I never thought I'd be rich enough to actually step onto one of these," with the Vermillion City theme in my head the whole time. We got to our cabin (I took the bunk) and we all went to eat at the buffet there. (There were three or five free restaurants on the ship. All but one was a sit-down to some extent.) The food was good, though the deserts left something to be desired, and the drink choice was limited since anything there besides water and iced tea cost money. Which included soda pop. ;_; I survived, though. After lunch, we all explored the ship.

I began to notice that the crew...I could probably count the number of Americans I saw on my hands. Peruvians, Filipinos, Jamaicans, heck, I think even Australians; the whole ship was totally multi-cultural. I knew their nationalities because they even each had their home flag on their name tag! It was quite cool and unique. Anyway, I decided to find the library at some point before we shoved off and found an interesting book I later checked out: The Search for WondLa by Tony DiTerlizzi. It had great illustrations of interesting aliens and tons of them. It somehow ignited my imagination, and I was going to start on writing something, but...I ended up not. ^^; I ate dinner alone, and the ship began to move while I ate. It was exciting. After checking out said book, I read it at the helm's area, where a live Jazz band (very small compared to ours, only a few guys) did some music at some point. That night, I also went up on deck and walked around in the midnight sea air; we'd only recently gotten out to sea from the river.

Day 8: Day at sea. I slept in, then went and ate with Dr. Carson's family at a diner on the ship. They celebrated Marissa's birthday (she's Carson's daughter, and she turned 18 that day). I read, swam in the pool (which drew in water from the ocean and thus was salty), celebrated the fact I was totally outside the US on deck, and other stuff before I went to dinner with the Carsons again, this time at Windows, a more upscale restaurant located at the aft that had huge, titular windows looking at the wake. There, I ordered appetizers for either the first time ever or the first time in a very long time. And Marissa got sung "Happy Birthday" by some of the crew who'd somehow caught wind of the event, and they brought her cake at the end of the meal! I love those guys. They really made that whole experience wonderful. (Marissa got sung "Happy Birthday" to at least thrice that day, and I'm sure more.)

Day 9: We all got into our blacks again for our second-to-last performance that tour and met at the casino before we disembarked onto Mexican shores at Costa Maya. This is the first time (in -my- memory) that I had ever been in a country outside America. (I'd gone to Canada when I was a baby, but that didn't count due to me not remembering. Couldn't you guys have waited a bit longer, Mom? X3) After applying generous sunblock and getting on a tram for a short ride down the dock to the super-touristy area, and admiring the blue sea, we set up and performed for people going in. Which meant few people stayed to really listen. It was fun, though.

Afterwards, we went back into the ship, changed, and...I used the bathroom, meaning practically everyone else had gone off again. And we had a 3-person-minimum rule for going around. (Which I...totally ignored, practically.) Thankfully, I found our excellent trumpet, Mr. Al Naylor, and went with him. (Adults--well, most of the band were over 18, but you know what I mean--counted for two.) I looked in a few stalls and was reminded of San Antonio's Mexican Marketplace with the bright colors and myriad stuff (i.e., crosses, crosses, and more crosses) hanging on the walls, but saw nothing of great interest. Al stopped at a bar to get a couple margaritas, and he let me wander around to look at more stuff. (I had by then decided to see if I couldn't get a souvenir from every major destination.) After finding my friends again, I walked with them a bit. We went into a store along the edge of the area.

There, I saw a little bag of American candy marked at at LEAST "20.00".

I pray that's just pesos or an exchange rate trick or something, but then again, something I did get kinda makes me think that Costa Maya's out to make tourists regret ever buying anything from there. Ever. After I got back with Al (my friends were just going back to the ship when I found them), we walked around, and I finally found a shop selling pins. They were pins of the Mexican flag. At $20. The guy said so. I was appalled, to say the least. Then he asked how much I was willing to spend, and I stupidly said $10 tops.

So he says $15.

I stand there and think for a second before I realized something.



Thus ended my first-ever time haggling, putting all my little experience with it on Neopets to use. I played it way too safe to begin with. If I'd known he was open for haggling, I woulda said a lower price than $10 to begin with. I wasn't at ALL happy with the most expensive pin I'll ever buy (it wasn't all that great, either...), but I was kinda pleased with the resulting story of my first haggle. It was kinda cool, really, to haggle. But still, YOW...X_X Al and I finished walking around the touristy area and went back to the ship. I'm disappointed we couldn't really explore the actual city. Back on the ship, I read and played some Pokémon White because I saw D (Duroje) playing Black and was kinda inspired.

Day 10: This time, I woke up later (no concert for the next three day) and found I was too late to find a group to go out to Roatán (that the right accent?). I really should've organized that better...Oh, well. I'm kinda glad I didn't, though. Anyway, I eventually met up with Beth, and while she wanted to go with just me (she'd just gotten back from going with some other friends and wanted a break), I convinced her to wait until lunch to see if anyone else would come back so we could go under our rules. And, like I said, I'm glad I did. See, I decided to continue EV training people in White, sitting alone in my cabin, while I waited for lunch to come around. (Yeah, I suck :P )

I went to Pinwheel Forest to hunt the Bug-types there for Defence EVs for my unfeazant (Queens). I'm going around and hoping for a Bug-type and NOT a pidove or the millionth petilil, and then I run into a sewaddle. I look at it and think, 'Huh, that's weird, I can almost swear its leaf isn't green, but te--'

I freaked. :D



(Good thing I was alone in the cabin. Thank you, God, thank you, God, I was allowed to celebrate like I did with much activity and shouting.)

It took me at LEAST a decade, but for the first time since I was able to get one--starting with Crystal--I had at long last found my first ever, honest-to-God Shiny. (Not one of the hand-out ones like the gyarados or the beasts.) This was honestly one of the biggest highlights of the entire tour. Seriously, getting that one-in-almost-a-million was something to remember.

I chucked my Master Ball, as planned, right away. I didn't wanna risk ANYTHING AT ALL. (I only later realized I coulda used a Nest, Quick, or (better yet) Net Ball to grab it and regretted the decision, but oh, well; I had planned it from the start.) I named him Joseph for the Technicolor Dreamcoat. (Sewaddle's line makes clothing out of leaves, and he's a shiny, so...) Then I SAVED and was so happy. Anyway. Nerdgasm aside.

Turned out I went just with Beth anyway. We walked down the street and looked at the town. I took lots of pictures. On the way there, I heard a woman in a booth offer $5 t-shirts, which I bookmarked in my mind. T'was an intriguing town. It was like a ghetto in a beautiful setting; it was so odd but nice. Not to say anything bad about the people there, natch. I got one of those $5 shirts on the way back. It's got a pocket and a map of Honduras, and is dyed in a pretty blue...though said dye, when I wore it on the way back home the last day, stained onto the waistband of my undies from my sweat and I realized why it was so low-priced: It really was cheap. I'll have to hand-wash it.

Afterward, we met some other band members on the way back to the ship, where I also saw a real marimba. It sounded pretty cool. Together with the other guys, we looked at a cemetery with some interesting-looking graves, then we went back to the ship. At some point during the day, I paid for my excursion for the next day, $59.99 on the dot. (Yes, I got back a penny in change. Then was when I learned that we're putting different stuff on the back. I was mildly upset to see a stupid shield instead of the Lincoln Memorial on the back. Fortunately, I saw that wasn't the only new back.)

Day 11: Belize City, Belize. This was the day of my excursion to the Altun Ha ruins. I could get off the ship alone. Because the waters around Belize were too shallow for the ship, there was a ferrying service of sorts (lander? I forget the term). So I got off one boat and onto another. Before going to Altun Ha, though, our tour group was driven around the city. It was interesting to see what they called fancy houses looking damaged and, while fancy, not quite superstar villa to me. Must be because I'm so used to being in super-rich America. (Like we'll be rich for much longer, at this rate...I hope I'm thinking the wrong thing.) It was a better tour than the one before, with a slower bus that I could actually take pics out of well.

Altun Ha was not as impressive as I'd hoped, but it was the cheapest ruins excursion on the tour, so I couldn't expect too much. It was pretty, and I was appreciated when I offered my bug dope to others (including the tour guide!). I started sound recording as soon as we got there. At the temple of the sun god that was there, we saw a just-married couple posing for pictures. Maybe they were even getting married right there! (I think it was just pics, though.) It was cute. After some tour stuff, we were freed to go around on our own. The guide says 45 minutes, then another guy says, "So, 12:15?" and the guide says, "Yeah." I look at my watch. It's not quite 11:30 yet. But I hope the guide lets us stay an extra few minutes to make it 12:15, anyway.

I walked around and climbed up the infamously steep stairs to the top of the sun god temple and took pics (and vid going up!). At the top, I saw graffiti scrawled onto what I first thought was the actual stone but later realized was newly-placed cement. (The ruins had been undergoing a reconstruction project...probably part of why it was rated so relatively low compared to the other ruins tours and was cheaper...There was white modernness interrupting many places in the ruins, which was a bit disheartening.) I even snapped that though because it was amusing. I did find a smaller temple that almost killed me on the way up (I almost fell when I didn't get as stable a foothold as I'd wanted), though, one that was relatively untouched and had a great view of the jungle below in one spot. More pics.

Then I got down and was ready to go back, so I decided to get to the bus early and wait in what I hoped was air conditioning. I was sweating like a pig and surprised that my 15 SPF (which I -did- reapply midway through the excursion, to be fair) was protecting me so far, as well as the bug dope. So I get on the bus, and find I'm the first there...and that I'm looking at school bus seats, not coach seats. I slowly begin to panic.

That was the only bus there.

I wait a bit, then go back to the site to look a little bit, panic rising the whole time. Then I finally go back to the lot--it's almost 12:15 by then--and I saw a bus I swore was mine, full of people, looking like it was about to leave. I ran to it, but realized it wasn't mine, and that it was backing into a spot. I panted and felt more and more panic as I wondered if I'm going to have to walk back (I forget if that other bus, whose driver had offered to drive me back, which I was afraid of since it wasn't from a group from my ship). Then, I see another bus come and think, 'Oh, it's another tour,' and start moving out of the way. It looks like it's almost going after me, though.

Then my tour guide comes out of the bus, and when I recognize him, I feel like fainting from relief. He says that the group's bus broke down, so they hitched a ride with another returning group. Then, he did a headcount and realized someone was missing--me. So he had them turn around and return for me. Thank God Almighty above!!

So I got on and had to sit on the steps due to lack of space, but I was fine. Sweatier than I'd ever been in my life, it felt like, and tired, but relieved. I pulled out my still-recording gizmo and say, "And that...was my Mayan Adventure," before shutting it off. It was funny on the way back when one of the other tour's guides saw a squirrel and actually pointed it out. She explained that squirrels were a lot rarer there than they were where I was from. Still amusing. We got back in one piece after the bumpy ride, and while I doggedly tried to locate the landing for my ship's boat, I wandered into another shop. They had pins, and I saw one with a map on it that caught my eye. I asked the lady there how much, and she said $5.

Haggling take 2. Though it wasn't really, since I kept saying no politely. I really was super-low on cash. As I walk over to put the thing back, the man at the store offered $4. I still said no. Then he said, "3 dollars. You can't beat that."

And I stopped and thought. Thought back to the 5-, 6-, 7-, 8-, even 10-dollar pins I'd seen back home. And I said aloud that he was right. I got the pin.

Day 12: I didn't do much at Cozumel. I did go off the ship alone entirely, though, this time, no excursion. I didn't get caught. Again, it was a touristy place, but this time we could actually walk down the street. I ended up going only a short ways before I turned and headed back to the ship since I was alone and hungry (I'd left at 11, before eating lunch) and scared for my wallet, chain and front pocket or not. Before that, though, I saw a sign for this store, "Los Cinco Soles". They said they had art stuff, so I went in. Indeed, they had jewelry made of silver, sculptures, and the best part: Genuine Mexican toys. They had dolls, ball-and-cups, Jacob's Ladders, and a few instruments (aside from the requisite maracas, of course). What caught my eye were these little wooden flutes that were painted in bright colors and sold in sets of five for about $5 (or bigger, different ones for a bit more). I had the best idea: Power Rangers theme! Partway into that, I had an even better idea.

See, at home, me, Kristian (:iconscorch62msc:), Kenny (:iconikeisagod:), Brandon (:iconlightningbolt37:), and David (:iconblackmist45:) are The Four Links (plus Shadow Link). As such, we're each a different color. I'm blue, Kenny's green, Kristian's red, Brandon's purple, and David's Shadow Link (though the colors apparently change around when I'm gone). As such, after deciding to get a white flute because they look pretty, I thought to get one for each of us. (Sorry, Ross ^^; And sorry, David, I didn't see any black ones, I don't think.) I only put my mouth directly on mine, the blue one I got, and just blew from a distance if I did anything at all to the other ones, so don't worry, guys! I need to give them to them still. I'll do that this coming week when I organize a visit with at least most of 'em.

After that, I went around and looked at other stuff in other shops, taking pics. I took pics of masks made from stone squares, a statue street performer, and a Packers poncho. I kid you not. If I had the money, I'd've gotten it in a heartbeat because of how hilarious and awesome it was.

Day 13: At sea again. We had our final performance on the ship, as planned, though not by the pool as planned (too little space, anyway). I tried to get one of the crew--a Peruvian (I think) woman who squealed, "COURAAAGE!" when she saw me one day wearing my Courage the Cowardly Dog shirt, it having been one of her favorite shows--to see it, but she was busy, saying she has to work until 3. We were playing at 2:45. My last words before I never saw her again were something like, "I'm pretty sure we'll be playing more than 15 minutes," or something. I wanted to say goodbye to her. She was adorable. I didn't see her at the performance, sadly. But we were included in the ship's daily pamphlet of events, so we got an audience!

(Now, I'm not sure whether the following happened this night or the night before.)

That night was the last of the big shows in the theatre there. Before, I had seen a magnificent pair from Russia, Dmitri and Maria, do some gymnastics, dancing, and even some funny skit stuff, and a few people from comedy group The Second City do some skits and improv, some skits based off stuff on the boat that were really funny. This time was a show called "Elements", which is mostly dancing to music in themed costumes by a group of people, with a magician doing a trick with his assistant each of the four elements (Earth, Water, Wind, Fire, in that order). There was also always at least one more-different scene each element, which was nice.

At the end, the cruise director came up and brought up a bunch of crew members, not just the people I'd seen, but the people behind the scenes, including the captain. Everyone clapped and cheered. Apparently, the multicultural thing was a gimmick of Norwegian's, or at least of the Spirit's. It was awesome, and I was happy because I loved all the crew members.

Afterwards, me and some others in the group I was in went down to Windows for a Chocoholic Buffet. It was a long line, but the thing was so huge and amazing, I was overwhelmed a bit. I loaded my plate--"Buffet Effect" (as I call it) in full effect--but I made my saving throw and only at least took a bite out of everything so I tasted it all (it was delicious) so that if I felt myself getting full/sick, I could stop without feeling guilty. When I popped a peppermint Altoid in my mouth, it was awesome when it combined with the chocolate still on my tongue, so I immediately told the three I was with to grab one from my tin.

Day 14: We got back to New Orleans and, with much sadness, disembarked one last time. We got to our bus and headed off to Memphis. By then, I'd run out of money, pretty much. I had 3 bucks to my name in change, ignoring the two quarters I was saving for my collection (I wish I'd brought my list with me to be sure!). So, I asked if someone could get lunch for me when we stopped to eat, and Beth rescued me again. I felt soooo weird, especially seeking charity like I was, because we had just watched the movie HouseSitter. It wasn't a great movie, which is disappointing, especially since it had Steve Martin in it and was directed by Frank Oz. If you don't know what it's about, Wiki it.

We went by Graceland, but the mo-fo bus was moving too fast again for me to get a good picture of The King's gates. (Heck, I couldn't even see the place because they'd strategically planted trees to block it from the street! Maybe we were on the backside of it...) It wasn't that super-cool because I was too focused taking pics instead of thinking how cool it was to finally see Elvis' house. (I actually kinda like Elvis--blame Lilo for making me realize how cool his stuff actually is and Junkie XL for that frikking awesome remix.) Oh, well.

That night, we stopped in Memphis. (I earlier cursed myself because I'd thought we'd just be going back up to Iowa non-stop, having forgotten Memphis, and didn't have much souvenir money.) First we went right to Beale Street--specifically, BB King's Blues Club. After getting our reservation (since we were in the band, or maybe Carson paid it for everyone, we didn't have to pay an up-front fee to get in!), I went to the gift shop across the street. They had TONS of Elvis stuff. Even buttons--at, conveniently enough, $3!--of him. But I wasn't THAT huge an Elvis fan, so I avoided that if I could. I eventually ended up asking a band mate for a buck to let me get one of the $4 pins. It's an interesting one because of its shape--a record, complete with hole in it! (Too bad the hat I'm gonna stick it on's black ^^; ) My mission to get a souvenir from all the places was complete, having spent, like, under $40 total, to boot! *is too lazy to tally up what he spent*

At BB King's, I had fried pickles for the first time ever. (Heck, I'd only heard about them that day, so what am I saying "ever" for like it's important? Well, the fact stands.) I also had some delicious ribs. BB wasn't there, we apparently were just missing him that day (he'd be playing the next, I think, and I think maybe played the night before), but the blues band that was there was great. I took some pictures of them. Ironically, a saxophonist only started playing right when we were leaving (they kicked out under-21-ers at 10). We crashed at a Holiday Inn Express.

Day 15: We had a continental breakfast before leaving off once more to Cedar Rapids. We started the classic Hook sometime after lunch and with enough time to end it before we got back to Coe. I hadn't seen that movie in ages, so it was a treat. (It was a bit surreal hearing all the places where Pogo had sampled for "Bangarang", and I finally learned the kids are saying, "Low! High! Out!" (Is it "out", though?)) Little-known fact: My birthday's the same day as the premier of Peter Pan--December 27th! Anyway, we got back, Dad found me, and we our hotel, because Dad wasn't 100% sure when I'd be getting back and booked a hotel room. So we got to the hotel room really early--it was still light out, for Pete's sake! (We'd gotten back around 6 as planned.) The next day we finished driving home.

...And that's that!
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(Mmmmm...Tales of Symphonia quotes...|3)

Hallo, y'all! Happy New (popular) Decade!! (Dad says that the next real decade begins next year, as the first decade started in 1 AD; there was no 0 AD.) Well, let's get things in gear now. Seeing Mom's (:iconpsycheverse:'s) journal made me think, I should really do some New Year's resolutions, too. So, here they be!

1) I resolve to try my best to learn some social skills and use them. (I've been getting into some considerable trouble without them, namely my major being put into jeopardy due to my tendency to sincerely speak my mind when I'm angry in the form of swearing...even during flute lessons. X.X; Not to mention the fact I was kicked outta Geek Fest...)
2) I resolve to have better hygiene dental-wise. (TMI warning: I'll admit, haven't been keeping up with the tooth-brushing since I got to college. In fact, I should brush them quite soon. Haven't done anything like go a week without brushing, but my dentists have seen that it's shown. I'd better get crackin' or my gums will keep inflamin'...In related news, I'm pretty worried that my wisdom teeth are going to come in, after all, even though I was told they didn't look like they were coming in anytime soon. I'm 19, now, so it could be any time, now...)
3) I resolve to try and manage my time better. (Another big (read: hy-UUUUGE) reason my academic life's been sub-par these days is I just don't have good time-management skills. I had to take a break from Work Study because I had so much homework piled up, and I didn't finish it all until sometime into finals, and he wouldn't take me back because he was afraid it'd happen again. @_@; )
4) I resolve to try and write in my journal (real one, not online) on a regular basis. (I have Pat again (remember him, Mom?), and I plan to use him. I'm just afraid to write EVERYTHING into him...some stuff I'm concerned about in my life is a bit disturbing to write down, even privately. But I want to write in him on a regular basis so I can chronicle my life and also look back to see what I've done and some important but not necessarily super-memorable moments in my life; I plan on writing some stories based off of my growth as a furry and as a person, the former already being written by Carephrii.)

I think that pretty much covers it. I could resolve to put more stuff up here, but we all know that's not gonna really happen. ^^; (I am gonna be working on a new icon for me to use on other sites, today, though.) Life comes first.

Speaking of, I've been having an interesting one during break. For much of the first part, I've been given tasks to carry out during the day before 4 or so, mostly finding jobs for summer. I've applied to a few, and I've tried others, but some of them didn't have openings, which made my life easier then but won't later in the summer. (I'm frankly worried about when they finally want to interview me--will they mind terribly if I have to do it over the phone, or will they be willing to wait until summer?) I'm certain I'm going to get NOTHING, though. It happened last time I tried getting jobs. (Albeit, last time, I didn't apply to so many places.) But that's in the summer, so let's not worry now, shall we? :)

Artwise, Carephrii had to do a couple gifts he promised to do by the end of the year--one to finish up, and one to do entirely, start-to-finish. The latter he started on the 30th and finished 2 hours or so before the last seconds of the (popular) decade. XD; As for other stuff, since I've had to focus on those pics for December, I'm now writing another chapter of my Zelda fic and am, as I said, going to work on a new non-dA icon today. (I hope to oC with someone, too, soon ^_^) I don't know what else I'll be doing, though, since I've only got, like, 'til the 11th, when I go, before...well, I go. ^^; Then it's back to the grind. *sigh*

In other news, I got little for Christmas and my birthday, but what I did get I greatly appreciated. I got a new sketchbook (current one was getting too full of stuff I haven't finished or scanned yet), TWO new silver Sharpies (mine was practically dead), a 2000 Wii Points card (half of which has been used on Tales of Monkey Island part 2 already X3), money (always good ;D), and three big things that I appreciate the most: A DIGITAL CAMERA!!! (It can even do video!! ...Without sound, though, which sucks.) A Boy and his Blob for Wii!! (The new one! I even posted a video of it taken with said camera up on YouTube! (My name's the same there as it is here.)) And Wii Sports Resort, complete with a Wii Motion Plus!! :D Ooooooh, yeah, the future is NOW, and I can access it with that baby!! ...Juuust as soon as they make more games to use it. ^^; Haven't played WSR much, but it's pretty good. I just wish I could have gotten another Wii Motion Plus (which I use without the jacket, since I'm used to it that way); then I could have had fun with everyone.

Anyway, I've got stuff tah do. (And I'm ashamed to admit I haven't done a lick of French all break, like I'd planned. Just a LITTLE French each day, I planned! Yeah, right, like THAT happened. I'm screwed D: ) See ya!!
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Imma get the subheadline out right now: My Crystal file is corrupted. :cry:

School's been going for me. I've had to seriously buckle down and work (on homework; I've STILL yet to get back to Work Study, which I took off until I was caught up...a month my dad's dismay), but now, I should be alright. My final Final of the semester is coming up on Tuesday, and I'll be outta here and back home by Wednesday. Had to study so much last Thursday for French (like I'd been studying all week, except with practically the focus of all the five days beforehand combined into one), yesterday, after the final, my right arm hurt, and I felt nauseous as I tried to go to sleep. I'll do a more in-depth update when I get back.

Right now, though, I'm not happy. My Crystal has practically died. The one Mom and I used to do Mystery Gift over some nights. The one I transferred at least two of my most precious pokémon over to from Blue--the original Grass Boy and Mewtwo. (Grass Boy was a venasaur and was the one who taught me one of life's most important rules: Razor Leaf kicks ass.) I discovered all of this, like, ten minutes ago.

I was trying to enjoy my weekend and catch up on some Advent Calender puzzles. I found a clue in the crossword that I knew I should know but didn't--"This item was used to activate Suicune in Crystal". So, I thought, Shoot, let's look at the game itself itself instead of searching on the site, and I tried booting up Crystal. First I had to change batteries.

Then my Game Boy Color, which is the one Mom gave to me, scared me by not working. It didn't turn on when I flicked the switch--but it turned off, alright. In other words, the power lamp wasn't on when I turned it on (though I think it made the "speakers on" noise), but it blinked when I turned it off. After fiddling with the batteries, I managed to get it to work somehow. I had Crystal inside the whole time.

I think that last detail was my undoing.

I suspect that the on-and-off did something equal to turning off the console when saving, for some reason. When I selected "CONTINUE", it said that the file was corrupted! I was blown away. I must've turned it off and on two more times, and each time, it said the same thing.

A little part of my soul has died, I think, along with the pokémon I lost.

Grass Guy (Meganium).
Mrs. Storms (Lugia).
Grass Boy!! :cries:

I hadn't even figured out how the H to get to Ho-oh! I hadn't even caught the other two dogs, I don't think! And I'm pretty certain that I had a few pokés that Mom gave me...Eventemper...was she on Crystal or Blue? Regardless, they're all gone. The only save file in any game I've ever named my own name, at least the name that I commonly go by, is gone. (Not even my Mii is named my common nickname--it's named FerreTrip (of course).)

I think I might do a little tribute for 'em sometime. And at least this is another incentive to get SS when it comes out (scarily like the incentive to wait a whole flippin' year for Pt to come out--I'd lost Diamond). But, oh, man, what a buzzkill.

...AND I'm going to have to go and look it up on Serebii, ANYway...*grumble grumble*...

See ya.
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Okay, um, yeah, I'm kinda-sorta not okay. Like, I-need-the-Elite-Beat-Agents-not-okay (hence the title). Why?


First off, I've got AD/HD, which has been hitting me really bad. (...Now that I think about it, maybe I need a higher dosage of meds...MAYBE. That's a last-resort sort of thing.) I'm behind in all three of my classes that have actual homework AND I'm so far behind in practice, I think that my flute teacher said that if I don't have 60 minutes of practice on my practice log every day until Monday, I'm not gonna HAVE lessons. (And just when I actually had a decent lesson that didn't leave me carrying five tons of guilt afterwards!) And guess what?


Whenever I have free time, I never do any homework during it. Heck, even now, I could have been working on an assignment due in ten minutes and I'm here on dA writing a journal!! Furthermore,

I have frikkin' WORK STUDY to deal with on my long-time-no-classes days!! (Tuesdays and Thursdays; work study (dishes at the caf) is 5PM to 8:30PM-9PM (depends; recently actually got out right about when the caf closes, 8:30. It was AWESOME ON A STICK.).)
I have late work coming out the ASS!!
One of these assignments is a draft of a paper and it's already late and I signed up to work on REVISING it TODAY at TWO and it's TEN-FOURTY-EIGHT and I have no clue what to do because it wants me to describe a vivid, important memory and my memory SUCKS COMPLETE AND UTTER [insert synonym for "ass" here]!!


This is a Goron problem!

...*forgets the other part of that quote* Sorry, had to. ^^; Yeah, I'm not exactly in the best sorts. I'm just...yikes. YIKES. Mom is helping by talking with me every night--AD/HD coaching; we both have it--but she's been forgetting about it every night, which has been not helping. And I have NO idea how I could get help from the counselors or other people-who-can-help here, either...I just don't know how they can help, because it's all stuff that concerns me and my efforts. I don't wanna quit work study because they're undermanned as-is. (I'll wait until I CAN'T work anymore because of the work study agreement thingy.) And most of my classwork depends on Moodle--my French class has all the assignments ON Moodle and I never check it because I'm not used to it!

I'm worried. Oh, God, help me. I wish the EBA were real. I REALLY wish the EBA were real.


*EDIT: I found my other flute book. It was in the OTHER flute book. God, why am I a moron? :doh:
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First off: Shadow of a Tail has moved to Smack Jeeves: Please go there and read all of them WITHOUT worrying about crappy bandwidth! No, no new updates, sadly, but hey, who knows, maybe I'll update someday.

In other news, Mom and I've taken up something called "AD/HD coaching." Every night, we check in and tell what we got done that day, then set goals for the next day. It works, I guess, though she hasn't been on last few days. *shrug* Also, we had our Homecoming concert on Friday. Went well.

Um...not much else apart from the fact I FINALLY updated Angry Kitty for those who will.

I've been more into osu!, frankly. If you want to find my maps, just go to and search for me (FerreTrip). Please play them and post on the respective forums what you think! ^_^ And gimmie frog coins--er, stars!

See ya!
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I am officially a Kohawk! (This means "like a (the?) hawk", since "ko" is a Native American word for "like the/a(unsure)".) And I'm just joking about that fursona change (though I did just give myself an art idea...), if you couldn't tell my lame attempt at humor.

Anyway, I've been in Coe College for...since mid-August. Just been too lazy and waiting to update. Waiting for what? Well, I now officially have a laptop--a tablet!!--of my own. His name is currently Solomon, after the writer of Ecclesiastes, the book in The Book mentioned in the Pern series, and because it's such a poeticish part, and this is a tablet that I asked for because I wanted to do digital art, and...yah. Anyway, I've now got two cool, three: PhotoShop (FINALLY got to install PS7 Mom gave me), openCanvas (for real this time; dl'd it before and never used it, had trouble finding it online again), and osu!. ANYONE WHO PLAYS IT, LOOK FER ME ON THE PENDING BEATMAPS AND GIMME FROG COINS! Er, FEEDBACK ON MY MAPS!!

College has been alright, though I'm being attacked by procrastination, no thanks to osu!, my own tendencies, hardish work, having to BUY LOTS of STUFF, and Metroid Prime: Trilogy, which I biked through the rain on the way back from reserving...which means, yes, I got the XL shirt with Samus on it. Less cool than I thought (the shirt), but it's Metroid swag. The game itself is ROCKIN'. In fact, I'll be posting an idea I came up with on the pot a relatively short time after beating it. NOTE: Don't bother with your Friend Codes right now--I, sadly, don't have secure Wi-Fi as of yet in the dorm. I'll update soon after I get it (since right as I do is probably a lie). But college itself is fun. Orientation was tiring, but worth it. (Speaking of, I should REALLY be doing homework now...)

Work Study's not exactly fun, but hey, it helps pay for my tuition. I need to find a way to make real money, then. For this reason, I am going to make a stupid and venture to say that anyone who actually thinks my art is good enough to spend some money on can go ahead and ask for a commission. I have a few rules, though, such as NO YIFF, no fat (or even muscle, for that matter) pics of 99% of pokémon, and in general just talk to me. If you want a commission, then send me a note either on FA or dA saying you'd like one. I'll decide the price (but don't worry, I'm not gonna steal more than $5 from you...well, okay, maybe $8 or something if you want a Prismacolored pic, and a little more if you want it inked in India Ink, since both cost money) based on the request. Sketches will be cheaper. Payment methods...I still have to find out about that ^_^;

ANYWAY! So, yeah. I'm in college. Probably not gonna do much now. (As if I did before...) HOWEVER, before I left, I was able to upload something to YouTube that you might like if you liked "Let's Go" [from my FA account]...…

I've really gotta get to some homework. See ya!!
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Yeah, haven't updated this in an age, sorry ^_^; You should be used to that by now, though XD; Anyway, I ISH GRABULATED!! It happened on the twelfth and was great. I didn't notice how many people cheered for me when I went up, though; still gotta go on YouTube to check. I was too busy literally marching up and then off. Yes, I am THAT big of a Band geek X3 I'm sad to go, 'cuz I loved that place, and I'm gonna miss it with a passion. I've still gotta get in contact with everyone I wanted to (read: my French teacher).

Summer's been slow yet fast. Spending all day up in my room, writing and then editing. I'm never gonna look over a fic before posting EVER again...Taken ALL WEEK to read over it. ^_^; At least I updated my Ash fic for all the people on who watch it! :D I'd really, REALLY better get my ass onto other projects now that this one's outta the way. I've got quite a few to do...

* Get Mom's and Annie's gifts DONE and GONE to them!! Sorry, guys!! ^^; I'm gonna force myself to do them NEXT.
- Finish an EBA side story that's weirder than what you've seen for my normal stuff. And that's sayin' something.
- Come up with a plan for the next bit of KH: PoT, since it's going off of a thing with, like, NO story to go off of.
- Finish coloring numerous pictures, including one I have to give to some kids I babysit occasionally. One they wanted, like, last year. God, I'm terrible.
- (Ideal) Get a pic I did as a commission from someone irl. (The payment? Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin) Scan it and post on here, then give back.
- Finish editing together and putting up here the stuff I had in the Art Show at school; at LEAST my self-portrait.
- Finish transferring "Let's Go" from my midi program into Buzz Machines. I'm debating a different tenor instrument (I want something brassy) and still need a good alto one, then gotta find the right instruments for percussion. Anyone with Buzz Machines, help!!
- Finish playing Legend of Spyro 3 and give it back to Kenny.
- Burn a copy of the KHII OST for Kenny.
- Pester Dad for a laptop (preferably one where I can have both a keyboard (writing) and a touchscreen (drawing and possibly music work)). Hopefully have one in August.
- Finish up the dungeon Link and Samba are on in Rings of Dualty.
- Work on Angry Kitty some.
- Maybe do some stuff in my original stories? I haven't worked on WG in years...
- Probably do lots of other things that I can't think of at the moment.

I've gotta do a lotta stuff for college, too. In case you didn't know, Coe's cutting my summer short; I'm moving in mid-August. In the meantime, they've cut summer even shorter--it's, like, over. A couple weeks ago. Yep, got my first assignment. Crap. XD; I've gotta read one book with the rest of us Firs' Years, then, along with two more, do writing assignments as part of something Dad popped onto me to give me some credits before I even go into my dorm.

1.) The Spirit Catches You and You Fall Down by Anne Fadiman
--A nonfiction story about an epileptic Hmong kid caught between her 'rents, docs, and the clashing cultures. I'm not liking the looks of it. Not to sound mean, but I really don't want to read about horrors of the world when they're all around us already...Well, 'til Obama's got things ready to rock. He's just takin' his time to prepare, people!!
2.) The Burial at Thebes by Seamus Heaney
--A version of Antigone. I skimmed a look this morning, which is when I got it (I was actually on the john when Laur got them and asked to open the package I got! XD; Sorry, tmi...), and I'm gonna want to find people to read it with me because it's in play script style! X3 Shortest, and if I have trouble, I won't be surprised if Mom (who's taught college English) shoots me.
3.) Sir Gawain & The Green Knight by W.S. Merwin
--I MISS MY BFF MFM!! (Win for any Fondy folks who get that XD; ) Seriously, I thought it was a girl who did this at first...Anyway, this is "a new verse translation" of an epic about one of the Knights of the Round Table and his fight against some guy who picks up his freshly decapitated head and says he's gonna be back to return the favor in a year. (Wow. And here I am, a month or so after playing Sonic and the Black Knight. O_O) This is the one I'm most excited to read; always wanted to know more about the Knights. Coolest part about it: On the left pages is the original language, I think, including all the weird symbols they used WAAAAAY back then!

Yeah, I've gotta do this among all the other shtuffles I've gotta do. Let's just hope I can manage to pull some stuff off before I have to leave ^^;

Ugh...I think there's a LOT I wanna talk about, but I don't have the time. For now, I'll just announce that I've updated my fic, KH: PoT :x: CO, on, and probably won't be transferring it here anytime soon. Maybe when I get the laptop...So, then, I think this'll be it for now. I hope y'all have a great summer! And R.I.P., Michael Jackson. *Moment of silence.* ...Okay, I gots ta go! See ya!!

--Creative Status--

-KH: PoT and Spinoffs: Still gotta figure out what the plot in Mewtwo/Maru's current world is, and I'm taking a break from Ash's story. Gonna start considering the others, though.
-LoZ: Rings of Dualty: Started writing some more recently, got out of the problem I had gotten into, now just gotta finish the dungeon.
-EBA fic: MISSION COMPLETE!! Now all I need to do is go back and conquer the game!! (This means going back and editing what I've got to make it all coolness and consistent. I've got more than a few plotholes in that fic ^^; )
-EBA fic spinoffs: I've got one ready to write and one underway. I kinda like them both. The one I'm writing I've gotta finish up and edit so that it doesn't have a part that the people watching my stories on would read and then back away VERRRRY SLOWLY from me.
-WG: Still working on the Plant Talents and coloring in my Hard Dragon pic (which I'm coloring using the technique I discovered in Drawing I that I'm using because I don't wanna blend right now--if I can remember how the hell I did the first half of his body so perfectly; I tried some more at the Ale, didn't exactly come out as well as I wanted. Shoulda written the process down. Better yet: Shoulda not put it off so long.)
-AK: I've still got to try and start the next chapter. Sorry, Mustoshi and anyone else who reads it!! ^^;
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Oh, BOY, have I been slacking in the journal department @_@ (But, then, I confess I rarely look at others' journals, myself, so I don't think anyone cares anyway ^^; ) I've been pretty busy this past month, and I've been meaning to update, but I haven't. Sorry ^^; Anyway, on with the news!
Wii Stuff. First, you may have known about the fact my Wii was sent into Ninty some time ago. Well, it came back, but, like Dad said, they just replaced it entirely instead of fixing the problem (whatever was making it not turn on properly). This means ALL of my data from my old Wii poofed. Well, almost--thankfully, my account on the Wii Shop Channel remains. Also--by an act of God, I swear--I was able to transfer four of my Miis, which include myself, from my Wiimote; they were still there from when I went to Kenny's once and brought them if he didn't have them. He did, though, so I was able to retain FerreTrip, Moo., Mr. Stache, and Ash (-hat) for a catastrophic event on accident! See, act of God!! XD; Anyway, this also means I gotta get back EVERYTHING I got in Brawl, start over in Corruption, restart NiGHTS, and other stuff from borrowed/rented/downloaded games. This also means I have to start over Breath of Fire II. Yes. BoFII. The hardest RPG I have ever played in my life. :cries: It's both good and bad, though, since you get to start fresh and it feels nostalgic a bit; also, I was given the excuse to go ahead and download Groovin' Blocks. GREAT download decision. In fact, it's given me a new idea for approaching my Rhythm/Action RPG hybrid dream...
Update Stuff. Second, I FINISHED MY EBA FIC!! I'm far too lazy to post the remaining chappies up here, but you may find them on They've been moved to Crossovers, now, though, but the Search bar should still work. Please, PLEASE, go and read them now that they're done! I'm already thinking about what to do for the next one, and I'm working on a side-story that my other account's watchers would probably like (well, the first chapter of, at least ^^; ). I still need to work on my other stuff, too (like Angry Kitty), I know, sorry. In other news, I DID update with a nifty comic, if you haven't noticed, and a few scraps. I have a deviation ready to post, but I'm going to wait until I finish another thing related to it so I don't get weird looks from normal folksies. ^^;
College Stuff. Third, I have chosen which college I am to go to. I have decided to attend Coe College in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, and will be moving relatively early in August. Yeah, this has been one HELL of a ride, but the worst of it's over. What ended up happening was that, last Sunday, I found out that I still had to send UW some information to get financial aid stuff from them. We sent it--Dad actually FAXED it--Monday, but it didn't get past the "items received" status by April 30. So, because Dad was uncomfortable sending me to a college without knowing how much financial aid I was going to get, and because I've been leaning that direction, anyway, I chose Coe. Heh...It's actually pretty ironic; Coe's the college I just slapped onto my list of colleges to apply for way back when, not really thinking much about what would happen if I went there. I mean, they wanted me because I tried out for Honor Band last year--and failed. (I later learned they wanted me because I TRIED OUT; thinking now, it wouldn't make sense that they'd want someone who failed because it'd be "cheap" since they're not an employer. I play too many games/watch too much tv XD; ) They were 4 on my ranking of the four I chose. But now I'm going there. Funny how life does that to ya, huh? ;P
Coe seems a nice enough place, honestly. Sure, it's in the middle of Iowa--aka NOWHERE--but it looks pretty good. The Accepted Student Weekend helped sway me, I'm sure. That and the fact they've got a gaggle of Japanese Foreign Exchange Students >:3. The main drawback, however, is that I'm gonna be up to my eyeballs in student debt, and I can't fall below a 3.1 GPA while I'm there, or my aid's toastito'd. @_@;;
Performance Stuff. Fourth, I've been a busy bee with my performances these last couple of weeks. First was the Drama Club play that I tried out for, got the part I wanted in, and performed three nights of, "Charlotte's Web". I was Templeton!! >^_^< Also, the audience members apparently loved me :blush:. I tried my best, since it was the first and last production I've been able to act in at this school, and I was able to get the part I wanted.
Next/During was State Solo & Ensemble. I was sooooo friggin' nervous. After my solo, I went up to the hall with the results, hunkered down, put on some music, and looked through my binder while I waited. Then, as I was listening to one of my favorites from the cd, "Life is Beautiful" by m-flo Loves Toku & DOUBLE, I slowly dropped my jaw as I saw hell freeze over. I GOT A I!! :faint: Talk. About. Lucky. My scoresheet said that I got a 1 in all the categories but Accuracy, which got a 2 (which I'm not surprised at; I was surprised all the other stuff was good, actually). I must have gotten a nice judge. I mean, me? A I in State?? Solid luck. But I'm NOT gonna complain, eh? X3
I dunno if this was before or after S&E, but we also went and did the full band contest. I think we got a I. The three pieces we played went pretty well, though "Incantation & Dance" was a bit rocky sometimes O_O;
Finally, I had two Morris Dancing things. First was May Day, of which Dad and I could only do the first part of because of school for both of us (he was behind on classes and I had to get to the Friday 40-minute Homeroom on time). I swallowed a little ash X(, but 'twas fun. Last was Circle Sanctuary on the second--the first Saturday of May. It was pretty fun, though there weren't as many cool ware-selling tents this year. (Shoot! I never did look at the last one they set up, did I? :< ) I pigged out on the lunch again, thanks to what I call the buffet effect. XD;
School Stuff. Finally, I had some school stuff to deal with. First isn't really something I dealt with, but I've got nary a C on my report card, now! ^.^ More important was Saturday night. Senior Prom. The dance itself was a bit of a letdown, since all my school likes to hear is Rap and bad Hip-Hop, and they only started to play the Cha-Cha Slide RIGHT as we were leaving. Post-Prom was fun, though; I got to play a couple games of Brawl and some Rock Band with someone who's invested over a thousand dollars in downloads @_@. I DID have a date, and that was what made the whole thing interesting. I had to deal with the corsage, dinner, and the Prom itself, and I'm horrid around girls, especially those who had(have? *beet-red face*) a crush on me...But it all turned out alright, though I could've been more responsible at Post-Prom. She got tired and was doing nothing while I sang in Rock Band for a while. X_X I tried my best, though ^^;
Well, I guess that about wraps up what all I've been doing lately. In my future I've got studying up on a unit that flew right by my face and for the AP exam, both regarding AP Psych. I hope Swine Flu ain't in my future, but if it is, I'd better find a way to do this...(Thanks, Niddy, for posting the original link in your journal on FA! ^_^) Art/story stuff might have to wait for a while, since I've got school to wrap up and a job to find before it's too late. And, before you ask, NO, I don't have Platinum yet. :C
Well, I think that's all I can think of...If I have anything else, I'll append it. Until then, see ya!!

--Creative Status--

-KH:PoT and Spinoffs: Still gotta figure out what the plot in Mewtwo/Maru's current world is, and I've still gotta rewrite the next chapter of Ash's journey so that it takes Tracey into consideration.
-LoZ: Rings of Dualty: I want to re-figure out how Sync Mode works and how to present it in the story. Once that's finished, I'll be able to get back on track and hopefully finish the dungeon within the day I start working on it again! Aaaaaand I just jinxed myself X_O
-EBA fic: MISSION COMPLETE!! Now all I need to do is go back and conquer the game!! (This means going back and editing what I've got to make it all coolness and consistent. I've got more than a few plotholes in that fic ^^; )
-EBA fic spinoffs: I've got one ready to write and one underway. I kinda like them both. Oh, and I've gotta add a note at the end of the first chapter of the one I've got for those who have no idea what the unit circle is XD
-WG: Still working on the Plant Talents and coloring in my Hard Dragon pic (which I'm coloring using the technique I discovered in Drawing I that I'm using because I don't wanna blend right now)
-AK: I've still got to try and start the next chapter. Sorry, Mustoshi and anyone else who reads it!! ^^;
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I'm skipping tomorrow! Instead, I'm heading to Cedar Rapids, IA for the Coe College admitted students weekend. (I've given up on Berklee ^^; ) I hope to gain some more information on the place before I decide to go. So, I'm not gonna be on for tomorrow, and maybe not much of Saturday. Yeah.
Speaking of college, I've got some bad news.
I didn't get accepted into Lawrence. ;_;
I understand, though, since they don't accept a gazillion people like some colleges. But still, it sucks that I can't go to the college I wanted to go to. Maybe I'll transfer next year. We'll see. But the point now is that I've got two colleges to pick from: UW-Madison and Coe. I kinda wanna go to UW more, but Coe...I dunno. I've heard it's got a good music program, and it's exotic (well, outside the state), it's different, but...something doesn't feel right about it. I dunno. We'll see, but I might be going to UW.
In other news, my Wii is on the fritz. It's not turning on correctly--freezing a lot. So, I'm sending it in after reading over the e-mail again and discovering the payment details.
Well, that's it! Til next time, see ya ^^

--Creative status--
See second-to-last journal mostly.
-Rings of Dualty: It's READY!! I've already got the first part written! (Yeah, it's gonna take more than one chapter for the main dungeon T_T ).
-KH: PoT :x: CO: Writing the next chapter, gotta start it over kinda since I forgot about Tracey ^^;
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Well, I'd better get this up before I forget! Alrighty, folks, I've been packing since I got home and have just been to Wal-Mart to pick up more supplies (moisterizer, umbrella (both of which I've needed for a while), and bug dope). I've got $80 to spend, with at least maybe $42 on meals if I spend $7 on each of the 6 meals we gotta pay for. I'm also gotta pack a brekky and a lunch for the road tomorrow, since I've gotta be there at 4:15 A.M.. I'll get to sleep on the bus, tho, thankfully. I'm bringing along with quite a few things--writing materials, Brisingr (which I haven't read since Winter Break, :shakefist: college apps!), and some drawing stuff, to name a few. I'm gonna be printing off some ref tonight and hopefully--HOPEFULLY--get some sketching done on the bus (making use of some anti-carsick patches I'm gonna use ^_^). This includes the next page of Angry Kitty (but no coloring; I'm not risking my Prismas)!

Now, as I think I said before, I'm gonna be going off to San Antonio, Texas. We're going to be performing twice on Monday (March 9). First is at 11 AM at the Alamo, and the second is at 3:30 PM at the Mexican Marketplace. If anyone is going to be downtown in San Antonio this day, I HEARTILY encourage you to come and watch us! If you want to know who I am, point your eyes towards the flutes and look for the big brown bush (with a rat tail braid) :). (I understand if you aren't ^^; ) If possible on both our counts, feel free to come up to me afterwards and talk to me. Just tell me who you are online, first :XD:...I hope I didn't just do something that placed me into a big, scary adventure...^^;

Well, anyway, I think that's all the important stuff. Thank you, wish us luck, and I'll be back on Friday ^_^ See ya!!

--Creative status--
See last journal mostly.
-Rings of Dualty: All I've gotta do is figure out the boss and we are SET!! Folks, I've said it before, I'll say it again: NEVER EVER EVER make a dungeon based off of a real type of establishment and attempt to have it work for both purposes!
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Sorry, folks, but life's been eating me alive (har-de-har-har). I've had to contend with auditioning for Lawrence (which, imho, coulda gone better *gulp*), homework, Solo & Ensemble (I GOT A *1 ON MY SOLO!! :yay: ), Dad getting a new router (though I'm still gonna have to wait whenever the microwave's on, I think >X( ), and other things (read: renting Okami (for two five-dayers and a couple days late the second time), Trauma Center: Second Opinion, and de Blob, since I recently began a membership at Family Video, thus getting 30 days half-price rentals). Not only that, but I've also got other things to do in the upcoming weeks.
First off is the huge week Ima have this week. Every day sans Wednesday after school, I'm rehersing with Drama Club for our play, Charlotte's Web. Guess who's Templeton? :D :D :D I was--still am--elated when I found out that not only do I (at last!) get a part in a theatre event at school, but I get the part I wanted!! Also, I'm gonna be going to some State Honor Band thing on the 4th, which means I gotta practice the music like HELL tomorrow and Tuesday. And, finally, the BIG news: I'm gonna be heading off to San Antonio on the Band Trip starting at 4:15 a.m. Central time this Friday! ^_^ I'll update with further details before I leave, but I'm excited. I'm in debt that's not something to sniff at to my father, so I'd better be going, and I know I'm gonna have a good time (especially since, according to the Forecast Channel on my Wii, it's gonna be over 70ºF on Friday and it's still gonna be at or below the 30s here). Now, let's see what horrible wrench karma's got in store...It might be starting to show already. I've been sick for the past couple of weeks with a cold that's glutted my right ear with gunk. And now, just as I'm getting better from that cold, I think I've contracted at least a minor stomach virus. It had BETTER STAY minor, or I'm going to be in the dictionary for "pissed off".

In other, more recent news, I'm gonna be sending my Wii in to get repairs. A bit after renting de Blob, it started having issues turning on. I'll try to do something that the hotline said before I talked to a help desk woman and set up a tentative repair, but it's prolly in need of assistance anyway. Gonna cost me a FURTHER $85 (which includes $10 S&H), but, dammit, it's gonna be worth it if I can't find the problem beforehand. But now I wonder about my DS (Phat), which I also wanna send in someday for a touch screen that occasionally double-taps...Oh, well. I guess that's all for now! See ya!!

OH! Almost forgot! Mel got a laptop for Valentine's Day, meaning I CAN FINALLY GET THE COMPUTER A LOT AGAIN!! I'll be forced to wear headphones, though, since she's got ears like a bat when she's sitting in the dining room and she hates me making any noise at all, which also includes voice chat (aka TALKING ON THE PHONE...)>_>#. But the point is that I'll be on the computer more, I hope. This'll be great for both my social and school life; my AP Psych class uses a website a lot. So, NOW, I'm off. See ya!!

--Creative Status--
-EBA Fic: It's down to the wire, now: Time for the final songs! Well, when I write them out. Still got some stuff to figgure out, but I'm excited that it's almost finished!!
-Zelda Fic: See my account for recent shtuff; I FINALLY FINISHED TEH NEXT DUNGEON!! HALLELUJIA!! Gotta figure out the boss and more enemies, then I'll get to work on it.
-KH: PoT: Finished the first Toy Story bit, starting on...the next one.
-" " CO: After an e-mail from one of my readers (which totally surprised me and I think made my day), I promised to get to work on this one ASAP. And, lo and behold, that same Sunday morning after church, I came up with the plot for the Melee Arena part coming up. Got some started, but gotta rewrite/edit because I forgot about Tracey ^^;
-Angry Kitty: Gotta start on chapter four; started page 4 ages ago, and am going to try to transfer a panel from my sketch to the paper, since I can't quite get Mars to stop reminding me of Max from one of the stages in EBA.
-WG: Starting to color the Hard Dragon pic I DS Lightdesked in the style I learned from Drawing I and am working on the Plant Talents list still. Have all of Part 5 ready for updating, but I'm LAZEH.
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...Well, however that word is spelled. Whatever. XD; Anyway, Merry Late Christmas to all you who celebrate it, and happy winter solstice to anyone else, and...that Jewish holiday I don't dare try to spell since I know I can't ^^; and what have you. So, referring to the first part of this, here's my loot from Christmas and my birthday (hide your women and chillun's, 'cuz FT's officially an adult!! :cries: ) :

***GOT ITEM!!***
- Guitar Hero III - Wii (X-mas) (I've beaten Normal Career, not 5* yet. ALMOST got a FC on When You Were Young today, though!! Missed ONE note!! >X• )
- Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood - DS (B-day) (I'm kinda mixed on it so far. Just got Shads, game could be a little bit better (for one, the music. If I'm in Green Hill Zone, I should get GHZ's song, right? Well, at least it was a good song for a "starting out" theme.). Eggman runs, I'm terribly sorry to say this, but he runs like a fruit ^^; I LOVE how well-done the Codex is in terms of how much from previous games they've mentioned.)

- Brisingr - Christopher Paolini (X-mas) (AT LAAAAAAAST!!! Left off last night at the start of "Unexpected Guests" or whatever that chapter's called. The pace is as slow and steady as ever, which is good in some ways (read: Chris's signiture throw-something-small-in-that-will-actually-have-some-significance-later-on attack and the entirety of "Shadows of the Past"--character/relationship development).)
- The Fire Eternal - Chris d'Lacey (B-day) (Yes, two Chris's! X3) (Haven't read it yet--I got Brisingr before this one. But I can't wait!! :excited: )

- 4 G2 Mini Pilot pens (red, blue, green, black) (when you call THIS the best stocking stuffer ever, you know you're a completely hopeless dork)
- Can of Silly String (stocking stuffer)
- 2 eggs Silly Putty (Normal red, Bright light blue (you'll understand why it's "bright" when you see the putty itself O.O), stocking stuffer standby)
- Blinking Rudolph-style nose (stocking stuffer) (I don't know, don't ask, but it's actually pretty cute ^_^)
- Generic Rubik's cube (stocking stuffer) (this one has holo stickers instead of opaque ones, and it doesn't make that clicking sound when you twist it--a slightly unpleasant sliding sound, instead. Still cool)
- Notepad where I wrote down all my loot (stocking stuffer)
- 2 mini puzzle cubes (stocking stuffers) (they're those, like, 1.5"(cubed) cubes with impossible puzzles made of plastic bits and tiny ball bearings that rattle annoyingly and are addicting as hell--grown-ups, you know what I mean, right?)
- 2 "Glow mouth" (stocking stuffer) (those things that make people's mouths glow at parties and concerts and stuff)
- light-up spinner toy (stocking stuffer) (one of those wheels on two strings that you twirl around to twist up, then pull on the strings to watch the thing whiz. This one has little LED's! ^_^)
- Puzzle box (X-mas) (One of those clear plastic boxes with some money inside that you have to solve the maze to get out. It was really fun! Hard, but fun!)
- Mug, vanilla cocoa (X-mas) (Haven't used them yet. Tho I hate vanilla, I might wanna try that cocoa.)
- Matchbox music box (Jingle Bells verse) (X-mas) (From the Gammers (grandparents), cute little windup-free music box that plays the verse of Jingle bells when you take it out of the matchbox. It has a tiny panorama on it that animates while it plays, like any good music box should have. Adorable ^_^)
- Dirk (B-day) (Yeah, my godmother was studying (teaching?) in Scotland, so she got me a real dirk for my birthday. Sure, it's not a REAL good weapon, BUT IT'S A WEAPON!! :D:D:D)
- CD/FM Radio player w/ear buds that suck (B-day) (The reception's actually pretty nice. I asked for it since I got bored of listening to my normal CDs outside while picking up the yard for lawn mowing. Now, I can listen to 96.9 The Fox while working--songs that I dunno are coming on and often pretty good ones ^_^)
- GH boxer shorts w/guitar-shaped tin (B-day) (No, I kid you not. They're red with pictures of the black controller on them and the logo on the butt. ...Hey, this means I can go ahead and sew my boxers I made in middle school to the leggings I made from old flannels and have TWO pairs of pajama pants to work with! No more using safety pins!! ^_^ Still need to find a place to put the tin, though...)

So, yeah, that's my haul this year. VERY good year, in my opinion, VERY good. I'm very happy. Sure, I can't get DL content in GHIII, but it's got TTFATF and Knights of Cydonia--I'm a happy ferret :D And Chronicles ain't what I thought it'd be, but it's still good.

Anyway, though, in other news, I've got to buckle down this week and hurriedly finish my college applications. However, my mood tells it all. I'm...just not feeling it. But I'm gonna have to try. I've got a TON of stuff I need in by the 15th of next month, and I ain't got much time at all. Pray that I get it all done. This is, like, Early-set Senioritus--the most deadly kind that occurs BEFORE you're accepted to college!! Ooooh, maaaan...*shudders* I wish the Agents existed in real life, 'cuz I definitely need them about now TnT .

Welp, posted up three new writings on here and I'm going off to post up some new chapters in my fanfics (EBA fic and Zelda fic, iffen you're interested), then get to work on some compositions. Therefore, I've gotta get outta here! See ya!!

--Creative Status--
-EBA Fic: It's down to the wire, now: Time for the final songs! Well, when I write them out. Still got some stuff to figgure out, but I'm excited that it's almost finished!!
-Zelda Fic: See my account for recent shtuff; mainly focused on figuring out how to build a co-op dungeon for them to go through after the next chapter. (*too lazy to update on here for this, too*)
-KH: PoT: Stuck on how to handle Toy Story's...story.
-" " CO: ...Well, got Luc's fighting style set, now that I've Brawl, but I still need to figure out some plot...
-Angry Kitty: Gotta start on chapter four; started page 4 ages ago, and am going to try to transfer a panel from my sketch to the paper, since I can't quite get Mars to stop reminding me of Max from one of the stages in EBA.
-WG: Going to color the Hard Dragon pic I DS Lightdesked and am working on the Plant Talents list still. Have all of Part 5 ready for updating, but I'm LAZEH.
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No, I'm NOT dead!! I'm just finally updating quick on the compy the night after our final performance of "Thoroughly Modern Millie", our high school musical this year. I was fortunate enough to be in the pit, and it was so worth it :D As well, earlier, I had to do the hell known as Show Band. The good news is that I had the best season I've ever experienced with the Fond du Lac Marching Cardinals this year. Not only that, but at the wrap-up party, during the caption awards, I WON SOMETHING!! "Best Attitude" and, since our drum major's printer wasn't cooperating with her, a $1 pen that Mel (stepmom) says has a tutu on it. I like it regardless. Yeah. So, after ages of long bus rides and a solid week of sitting in a pit and feeding on sour gummi worms, I'm finally back, able to do homework again |D; Not for long, hopefully, though; I've got to finish filling out my THIRD job application that I'm actually going to CALL a week later to check up on, this time for the nearby Subway. God, let me get it :fingerscrossed:

Speaking of applications, Dad's been riding my ass about college apps. It's important for me because, as a music student, I need to audition. And time's running short on me, I can feel it. Ugh. Let's not forget two difficult classes this year, AP Psych (FUNN[I]EST. CLASS. EVAR.) and Advanced Algebra, though they're really only difficult due to the homework requirements. I've got to do a daily assignment in Algebra (which I haven't been good at keeping up with lately ^^; ) and read stuff for AP Psych (which I never do, despite the fact it's very interesting and engaging once I start reading). Anyway, those classes, plus a fun (but HARD) Drawing I class, have been, in tandem with the above-mentioned musical obligations, eating my very life force for the past few months. I've got to get my ass back in gear and start drawing stuff again, seriously. I mean, it's been, what, an eon since I posted the last page of Angry Kitty? Yeah, and things keep coming up in the new idea dept.

Here's one now: I've gotten an idea for an RPG story that uses characters that each have some weird quirk, as well as a different puzzle game to play during certain attacks in-game.
Due to that: I thought up a new puzzle game and I REALLY want to program it somehow. Seriously. I'm hoping I'll get that opportunity if I, like, nab a programming book or scrounge up someone on dA or something who is willing to help me with it. If I play it and have fun, then I'll try to refine it and sell it. I really think I might be able to get away with a profit (paying anyone who helps, of course). Anyone know a great amount of programming?

Another idea: Seeing as I'm in the hole for funds, I've decided to--hell, beware, you might just freeze over soon--try and sell prints. However! These prints won't be of my real pictures, and perhaps never will be, seeing as I know that there're WAY better pictures out there. What I'm hoping for is to use some of my designs, which originally were done for t-shirt ideas. However, dA doesn't do t-shirts (yet; they're losing money not doing so, I swear it), so I'm shooting for practical items, like mugs and mouse pads and magnets (M-Alliteration - 550 x 3). Now, I'm not asking anyone to buy them out of pity, but I'm asking to buy them if you honestly like them and are willing to add that much more crap to your stockpile of stuff at home or office (like, honestly, mouse pads? The only people I'd think of getting any would be my school, since the last computer lab I went into was using useless sheets of paper for mouse pads...). I'll be pricing at low prices, no matter how little profit I'd be making, since I know for a fact that nobody wants to spent $10 on a magnet. (I know I don't!) I have some hopefully-nifty stuff up sometimes, then, so just hold on if you're interested, oh non-existent people this applies to.

ANYWAY!! So, I've got to get back to homework, so...let's see...anything else...? Well, my usual status thing, but that'll be it, otherwise!! See ya!!

--Creative Status--
-EBA Fic: Got a bonus song stage ready to go, debating on how to approach it and if I should intersect it with another story idea of mine. If anyone can give me a good idea on what to do in terms of a stage for "Build Me Up, Buttercup", I will draw you a free giftart and give you credit in the chapter!!(This song is way too catchy and lively for its own good, especially with what the lyrics are saying!)
-Zelda Fic: See my account for recent shtuff; mainly focused on figuring out how to build a co-op dungeon for them to go through after the next chapter. (*too lazy to update on here for this, too*)
-KH: PoT: Started on Bit 13 today, but I still gotta figure out how best to split the world into two stories, among other things.
-" " CO: ...Well, got Luc's fighting style set, now that I've Brawl, but I still need to figure out some plot...
-Angry Kitty: Got chapter 1 written of a written form of it and am working on chapter 2; started page 4 ages ago, and am going to try to transfer a panel from my sketch to the paper, since I can't quite get Mars to stop reminding me of Max from one of the stages in EBA.
-WG: Going to color the Hard Dragon pic I DS Lightdesked and am working on the Plant Talents list still. Have all of Part 5 ready for updating, but, as said above, I'm a lazy-ass mutha-f***er. XP
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Last call for summer fun! Yeah, one and a half more weeks and I'm back in school. That means fiddling with my schedule ASAP, since I wanted a study hall and I'll have to give up either AP(?) Psych or Chemistry...Ugh...I'm also in the pit orchestra for the school musical, Fairly Modern Milly, I think it's called. I wanted to sing, but I now realize that I NEED LESSONS. BAAAAAAAD. >_<;; Hey, I'm good enough to sing at church with no problem, though, so it's not ENTIRELY hopeless...Anyway, I hope that I'll somehow get my ass in gear and find a way to get the fourth page of Angry Kitty done and a picture I promised Sevvy. However, two things are intruding, mainly: One) My sudden urge to write up a storm again and Two) The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time: Master Quest.
Bit of sad news, there...
...I officially am afraid to play SSX On Tour again.
Wanna know why?
THAT'S 1019 BLOCKS WORTH OF DATA (be it open or used) THAT I CAN'T USE ANYMORE!! :censored: :cries:
All of my data...Paper Mario: TTYD...SSX3...TONS of data. Including some data for games I just got: THUG2 and Bloody Roar: Primal Fury included. And I'm REALLY pissed at that second one. Why? No real cheat codes exist that can help me get by until I unlock everything I at least HAD. And that game is FUCKING HARD AS HELL. Not just that, I need to beat it a gazillion times before I can finally unlock Beast Mode ;.; And, as I said, IT IS HARD. I had to practice at LEAST an hour with each fighter before I attempted to go through Arcade Mode. Man...if they only had the real, actual story instead of the tournament stuff they have in this one, it'd be better...Hell, even if it actually had BLOOD instead of stupid sparks--the package even SAYS it has blood--that'd be better. Gah. Regardless, though, probably actually thanks to a cosmic ray, according to my dad, the memory card is now ba-ROWKE. It corrupts any data I save on it now.
I still feel as if I could've saved it by deleting all the SSX On Tour data when I found something get corrupted when I was using it for cleaning-my-room music...

And by the way...


...I believe that Diamond is officially gone. Yes, Mom, this means that all of the pokémon you traded to me are gone. AND I NEVER EVEN GOT TO TOTALLY FINISH THE GAME!! I still had to catch the remaining Legendaries that I can get normally...>,_,< IT SUCKS. And now, things are going to be ENTIRELY different once Platinum comes out and I get it to replace Diamond. I'm going to miss out on the original stories...that's probably the WORST part of it. That and the fact I ported over so many of my guys from Sapphire...

Oh, well. At least I have a viable excuse to get Platinum, now ~.^


Band Camp is officially over. That's the thing that's been helping keep me from the Internet for two weeks solid. All I have now is to go to two-hour things on Monday and Thursday nights until school starts, after which it'll be a different schedule. I'll also have my Tuesday nights filled with pit orchestra stuff for the musical. It's Jazz-time music--I AM NOT MISSING ANYTHING. Anyway, so now that that's done, I guess I'm trying to unwind while I can. Senior pics were taken yesterday, I've still got to find a job for during the school year as much as I'd hate to (I suck enough with getting homework in on time as it is--I'm not looking forward to revisiting Late Assignment City), and I've got some stuff up today. I'm being lazy and holding off on updating WG because I'm a lazy ass XD;;

Anyway, I might not post before school begins--just a heads-up. So, until next time, see ya!!

--Creative Status--
-EBA Fic: I've gotten past the REALLY hard chapters!! Now I've just got to write the next ones!!
-Zelda Fic: Updated ( ) with some new chapters, including one that's an expansion to the first dungeon! Working out what happens next for chapter 7! (*too lazy to update on here for this, too*)
-KH: PoT: Started on Bit 13 today, but I still gotta figure out how best to split the world into two stories, among other things.
-" " CO: ...Well, got Luc's fighting style set, now that I've Brawl, but I still need to figure out some plot...
-Angry Kitty: Ready to begin page 4! (But I'm thinking of doing something so that it isn't so frikkin' hard on me)
-WG: Going to color the Hard Dragon pic I DS Lightdesked and am working on the Plant Talents list still. Have all of Part 5 ready for updating, but, as said above, I'm a lazy-ass mutha-f***er. XP
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Yeah, I'm sorry about the huge wait, everyone...I was hanging out on :iconcarephrii: a lot (still am). But I've just uploaded all the latest parts of Kingdom Hearts: Puzzle of Truth for y'all! ^_^ However, last I checked, Part 5 of Ch. 12 isn't showing...I'm getting a preview, but nothing when I click the link. And I'm using the normal computer. *shrugs* Oh, well.
ACT: I got a compostite score of, I think, 26. I'd need to check, but I'm lazy right now. Anyway, I've got more stuff I should upload, but I've still got to deal with...Oh, and a new page of Angry Kitty! Lookit! Lookit!! ^_^
Band Camp's starting week after next...which means summer is essentially over for me. :cries: Oh, well. It's been a LOT more productive than normal, IMO. Still haven't gotten a job yet, though, and I'm seriously considering getting one for, like, weekends during the school year. Dammit, I'm lazy--I can just go online and finish a job application to Wal-Mart and I'm done...Too frikkin' lazy and too much desire to get things written. *sighs* Oh, well. That's just me, I suppose.

Well, anyway, then, I'm off. See ya!!

--Creative Status--
-EBA Fic: Writing Chapter 22(I think--I screwed up the numbering on in the filenames!!)!
-Zelda Fic: Working on 4 and 5--something doesn't feel right with what I wrote...
-KH: PoT: Ready for the next world and Bit 13!
-"        " :x: CO: ...Well, got Luc's fighting style set, now that I've Brawl, but I still need to figure out some plot...
-Angry Kitty: Ready to begin page 4! (But I'm thinking of doing something so that it isn't so frikkin' hard on me)
-WG: Going to color the Hard Dragon pic I DS Lightdesked and am working on the Plant Talents list still.
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NO! I'm NOT dead!! I'M NOT DEAD YET!! I feel hap-pyyyy, so hap-pyyyy... *THUNK* ^^; Yeah, sorry. I'm hyper again.

ANYway! Yeah, I've updated my stuff in terms of fanfiction and art. I've even put up some original artwork! Sure, it's just one piece, but it's something, right? Not the fanfiction crap I've been posting every time I come on here...
Okay, now, then, I've got some news for y'all: I'M TAKIN' THE ACT ON SATURDAY!! It was actually supposed to be a couple Sat.'s ago, but then a huge flash flood hit Fond du Lac, canceling Graduation (which I was going to play for, being in Band) and rescheduling it and causing quite a lot of fuss, such as us St. Paul's Cathedral peeps having to go to a place with a giant elk's head on the wall for church last Sunday ;.; THANK GOD, we weren't hit that badly. It was chaos, but we've survived. Anyway, though, the ACT was rescheduled--thankfully, too, since I hadn't studied. I'm going to get back to that now after I'm done updating on here. I've updated my stuff on, so go there or, if you're lazy and don't mind the constant reloads that come with dA lately, read them here! AND COMMENT!! ^_^_^_^

ANYway, I didn't do stellarly on a practice test I took the other day, so I'm studying hard. Wish me luck on Saturday, please!! ^^;

Anyway, that's all. See ya!!

--Creative Status--
-EBA Fic: Writing Chapter 22!
-Zelda Fic: Writing Chapter 3! Still!
-KH: PoT: Ready to write the next part of Chapter 10!
-"        " :x: CO: ...Well, got Luc's fighting style set, now that I've Brawl, but I still need to figure out some plot...
-Angry Kitty: Currently drawing page 3!!
-WG: Ready to DS Lightdesk transfer the Hard Dragon species pic, working on Plant Talents list (it's a beast...)

(Note: Mood is actually "Hopeful" below, but it wouldn't really let me change it...)
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(Sorry, just felt obliged to say that...)

Anyway, Happy Easter, peoples!! *hears crickets chirping* Er...^^; Aaaand nobody cares!!...-n-;;

Well, regardless, it's Spring Break for me! I'm going to -TRY- and actually write up a storm this time! I swear it! I'm writing a chapter right now for my EBA fic, which I've just updated this account with, along with the other fanfictions I have neglected to post onto my dA account. Anyway, though, sorry for not saying much of anything lately. And I must say this now:

:b::r::a::w::l:. :k::i::c::k::s:. :a::s::s:.

PERIOD. I was a bit dissapointed by Lucario at first, but now I main him constantly. He's pretty badass, and he's pretty hard to take down if you're up against a good one. However, he has a major weakness: He really just can't recover as spectacularly as Mewtwo could. His jumps are average, and his recovery move (upB) takes time to charge up, and so is not as useful as Mewtwo's Teleport. He's got a useful trick, though, in the form of his downB: Double Team. But, I think it's got less of a window for working in its animation than the FE folks' Counter move. You still need some timing with it. To get good with him, you have to not only realize his good moves (such as his boss-killer down air attack!) but get used to being dissapointed when you get KOed at high damage. Why? Because his gimmick--aura attacks are stronger the higher % he's got--WORKS. Aura Sphere still serves the same purpose Shadow Ball did, but, imo, maybe less so. I don't know why, but I don't use it as much as I did Shadow Ball.
Other characters are good, too. I find Olimar interesting, though I haven't played him much. Red (PKMN Trainer) is actually pretty good, or at least Charizard is fair. (Another good boss-killer is Charizard's sideB, Rock Smash. Do it right on the boss and kiss a hunka HP bar goodbye!) Squirtle is also pretty impressive with his speed and one of his Smashes reaches pretty high. Ivysaur ain't bad, but Razor Leaf coulda been more true to its awesome reputation of awesomeness. (Sorry, fave move in Pokémon EVER. So good for so many situations!) Pit's fun to play with, and his back air was the key to me winning against the final boss, since I couldn't beat him all the way before I discovered that attack.
As for the 3rd partiers...Snake is slow, but he's good for sneaky attacks with his explosives, seeing as he's got two attacks that involve setting proxies--true to form. He's strong, too, and has probably the most excellent recovery move in existance, vertically. Sonic...well, he's REALLY fast. Want chaos? Final Smash in World 1-2. Crazy. Griffith obviously tried, and did his grunts pretty well, but..."You're too slow!" has now made me want to blow up 4Kids before they can gloat that their mediocrity has tainted not just one of the greatest characters in gaming, but one of the greatest and most revered games in history. >_<# He's pretty different, too, to play with. His Homing Attack, neutralB, is helpful if you're close enough, and his recovery doesn't leave him entirely helpless falling--he can still attack and such, but cannot do the upB again.

Stage Builder is ADDICTING. Sure, the background music is dissapointingly annoying, but when you're playing on a stage you worked hard on with your friends and you're all having a blast, then it's worth it. Too bad there aren't more useful special pieces, but there's enough. (Needs more backgrounds, too...)
And SE is MORE than worth the price of admission. Long, hard, and fun--though annoying sometimes--and it culminates in a proper, Holy-Shit-That's-Long final level, the Great Maze. It's basically the best of all the stages rolled up into one. A pretty interesting storyline, despite the lack of dialouge, and I like it. It fits Brawl. Could've used a MUCH better ending cutscene, however...MUCH better. Kinda leaves you wanting more, imo. Least they translate the lyrics to the theme song before the credits roll!
The music is GREAT. I can tell Yoko Shimomura (I think on spelling) (KH music genius) had fun with the Gritzy Desert theme. They've got the Molgera Battle theme. They've got a kickin' Balloon Fight (well, Balloon Trip, but hey) remix. They've got a really awesome version of R/S/E Victory Road. (They DON'T have the wonderful R/S/E title theme, though, and still have the short but still sweet standard theme song, which disappointed me). THEY HAVE RIGHT THERE, RIDE ON. Awesome. I only wish that they had, for Live and Learn, Open Your Heart, HIS WORLD (Instrumental), and Seven Rings in Hand, the full versions. Oh, well, musta not been able to fit it.

Overall, if you have a Wii, GET BRAWL. Order it online if you have to! JUST GET IT!!
Well...that's pretty much it. See ya!!

-EBA Fic: Writing chapter 16!
-Zelda Fic: Writing Chapter 3!
-KH: PoT: ...Further research preferred...and I'd like to plot things out...
-"        " :x: CO: ...Well, got Luc's fighting style set, now that I've Brawl, but I still need to figure out some plot...
-Angry Kitty: Erm...not much...^^;
-WG: ...Well, I finished making the Ice Talent list a little while back...
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It's the home stretch, people! At least, it is for me...I don't have anything big I have to worry about now ahead of me for this entire next week. All I have to do now is just sit back, relax, do my homework, and wait for one more week. What for? Well, I'll only say two things: I preordered it from EB and it comes out March 9th. :D
What exactly has been going on this week? Well, first, we had the POPS Concert, on Monday (Feb 25), and I think I sucked at it. I was so nervous, I really thought I might puke for some reason. I messed up a lot of notes and stuff, and I'm not happy. But at least it's over and done with. Then the LOOOOONG week went by, with Leap Day being a day off due to Wed. having been conference day, until today: District Solo & Ensemble Festival!! I performed in two events: One was at 8:24 A.M., a woodwind choir. Then, five hours and twenty-four minutes later, at 1:48 P.M. (or actually it was later since things weren't going according to plan there), was what I've been dreading all week: My Class A flute solo, and my first four-pager. I was so relieved when it was finished, and so surprised that he didn't have many comments--it appears my accompanist was angrier at him than I was, since she couldn't help the loud piano in that room. But anyway, I found out that I got a *1 on the woodwind choir, which was cool, but I was only surprised it was a class A piece, since it was relatively easy for me. But, then, I've been unfairly knocked down to 2nd flute for all this semester so far(unfairly because the challange resulted in a fluke--I somehow utterly forgot entirely about the challange despite practicing for it ON THE DAY OF THE CHALLANGE), so yeah. But, after my solo, I wanted to know my results before I left. I knew that I would be haunted and tortured if I didn't know right away. So I waited by watching one of my friends do her solo--she did great. But then I had to wait for half an hour doing nothing but standing, thinking, 'Where are the @#$% results?' until finally, I got them.


I'M GOING TO STATE SOLO AND ENSEMBLE!! (I mean, I was, anyway, with the choir *1, but that really doesn't matter that much to me compared to this, since I did so much hard work!!) :ecstatic: I CAN'T BELIEVE IT!! I DID IT!!! HOLY SHIT, MY FIRST CLASS A PIECE AND I GET TO GO TO STATE!! WOO-HOOOOOO!!!
The best part is that when I was just about to get the results, I had Fatboy Slim's "Give Me My Auger Back" from On The Floor At The Big Beat Boutique [Live] [UK], and right at the section towards the end of the track that had a great leadup until the big, happy-rockage finish. And as soon as I saw my score, an open-mouthed smile came on my lips as the track went on through my head. I walked away, and when the finale started, I so wanted to just dance like a maniac out in public. XD

In other words, I'm a happy camper. Got nothing to do but wait for the 9th and do my homework each night to get on top of things and relax, and I don't really have to worry about Solo and Ensemble anymore. Sure, I still have to practice that piece daily to get things right, but I doubt State's gonna be anytime next week. ^_^ So I'm happy.
And that's all, folks! See ya!

---Creative News---
EBA Chapter: Written a new one up and ready to upload onto the compy as soon as I have time!!
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Woke up this morning, heard the sound of a car splashing through a puddle, and something just went, "Huh?" in my head. XD Yeah, us Wisconsinites just got hit with the most snow Fond du Lac's seen since it started keeping records of it. So bad was it that they canceled church!! I doubt that they'll cancel school tomorrow, though...It was weird, though: it was raining when I got up and yet it was below freezing O_O
So, during the free morning I had, I decided to do some IMing (finally...Sorry about the sorta false alarm ^^; ) and finally did some RPing with my bro, Seve. (Wait, it's Sev now, ain't it? ^^; ) I also IMed Blacktail. Things were going good, then I started to do homework and IM at the same time. Easy enough, right? Well, when I got into an RP with Sev, at one point I accidentially started doing a long detailed description of my character changing into a tubble, and, well...I basically glowed beet red and scampered out of the room, figurativly speaking. I didn't come back on the rest of the day and still am a little embaressed now :blush: I hate that kind of thing, doing something so all-out and finding out you did it to the wrong guy...I felt SOOOOO bad!! >_<;;
Ugh...but anyway, what I did the rest of today was work on the second page of Angry Kitty. I finally finished it, and uploaded it minutes before I had to go practice. I even organized my gallery so that it's in those neat little folders you see people having ^_^. I put all things related to fanfictions in one folder, all things related to comics in another, all things related to my original stories in a third, and just about everything else in the fourth. I didn't get to everything, but hey, at least they're there ^_^ Oh, and Mustoshi, you got my note?
Speaking of, actually, I have to confess something: MEEBO IS A PIECE OF CRAP!! It's just changed itself up and now, while I can easilly handle multiple convos now, I can't handle multiple accounts!! >_<;; Which means I'm stuck with my most often-used account, my Y!M account. So please, everyone, ignore my MSN account number for the moment. :(

Let's see, now...

Fanfic Status:
--I am still not able to write anything, though I have gotten some more songs for my EBA/Ouendan fics! Including a slow song, which I can use if I can't find a suitible scenario for Kiss By a Rose: I Don't Want to Miss a Thing by Aerosmith. I'd say it's dramatic, wouldn't you? Anyone who even knows what I'm talking about...? ^^;
-!-ALSO! I cannot put my fanfics on dA, pretty much, since now the school computers have blocked the main dA page (I can, thankfully, access my own still) and all of, the former for "Games" and the latter for "Adult Content" or something. The fact that it's all the fault of people who can't find the decency to put the type of stuff that consists of practically 90% of the Kingdom Hearts section onto an adult fanfic site really pisses me off the most. It's like dA and furvurts: IT'S A FAMILY SITE SO DON'T PUT YOUR GOD-DAMN LEMONS ON THERE!! Besides, 95% of the people who go onto want a STORY, not a PORNO. _/# So anyway, don't expect to see much of my fanfics, either reposts from or new stuff on, for a while, until at least I'm sure and ready. (Also, I'm going to wait until I have Brawl in my posession until I further explore the story of Ash so I can get an idea of how Lucario fights, and also so that I can get an idea of how to do the Melee Arena world better.)

In Angry Kitty:
--I have updated a new comic, pain in the ass it was, too, and a new cover, as only the clueless cannot see if they're reading this from the front page. I dunno what I'm gonna do for the's a lot of work. I have to change the punchline of this next comic already since I don't have all the stuff from last time now. Anyway, though, I'll keep trying my best.
--Profiles: Still wanna try and do these. They'll be fun to do. I've already done the three anthro main characters in their later-gotten outfits. MAN, it's going to take forever to get to Mars' first--OOP! *clamps hands over mouth* Anyway, wanna do them soon. ^_^

That's pretty much it! Until next time, see ya!!

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Well, slap me with a television and call me St. Eva...We DID get a snow day!! XD;; Hey, that means I can finish that homework I somehow blew off again last night! (I've been doing that a lot lately...) ;P
In other news, I finally got to a little of Zelda II today, found it's as evil as the last few times I've tried it. X.X But I cleared the first temple!! |D;; Also am addicted to Breath of Fire II again...I canNOT play it today, I MUST not!! Not when last week, when we got a cold day(less than -30 F w/windchill factor), I miscalculated myself and ended up being unable to do all my homework. Well, I'll have a chance today! After I do this journal!
In related news, I now have a keyboard to set up instead of using the Wiimote to type! (Still got this annoying keyboard screen, tho...) And with this, I bring grand tidings. No, I don't finally have that laptop, that's still a LONG way aways...but I've got the next best thing:

:i: :h::a::v::e: :i::m: :b::a::c::k:!!
YES! Dad gave me permission to use, for those seeing "[link]" there, to be able to IM with the Wii. It's rather slow and unweildy; the first time I logged on there the sheer amount of stuff caused the poor baby to crash. :( So I'm being safe (and sane) by limiting myself to three conversations at once. I think a multi-buddy single-window convo would count as one, tho, at the price of no private fun(like personal RP's). But the important part is that I can IM people again!!
...on that note, could anyone tell me what my MSN account name was? I kinda can't remember what it was, and as for the AIM, I've been forgetting my password to that since day one, so I'm doing a new account soon. I have a new accound for MSN, tho, and will put that under my info. If I could remember my MSN name and password(prolly it's the latter), I'll put that up instead. But for now, I'll just put my new MSN name up for people.
I won't be on that much, though, since they've closed the homework vice quicker on us this Semester's start that last semester. It's hard juggling IM's and focusing on Music Theory II homework simultaneously @_@

But hey, at least I have the ability to IM again! ^_^

--Giving up: Ranch dressing.
--Taking up: Playing Diamond nightly like Mom since I never have time otherwise and I want to fully experience the game (and I want to build up my stock of berries X3)

Fanfic status:
--All of them: Basically on hold, probably until the end of semester. I've decided to put KH: PoT on hold at least until I get Brawl and maybe clear SE(and especially until I can get a glimpse of how Lucario fights for myself, for Chosen One). If I DO have time and inspiration, I might update SOMEthing over a weekend. But don't count on it.

Angry Kitty:
--New Cover: READY FOR LIFTOFF!! I will update with it as soon as I can update with...
--Page 2: Drawing = 9/16 panels done. Inking = 8/16 panels lined, considering dash-shading for black-and-white panels. Coloring = 0/5 panels done. I'll do the coloring when I don't have to worry about erasing or smudging ;P
--Character Bios: I might want to do some character bios sometime. I first, though, want to be sure I can draw them well enough. Believe me, it's harder to draw normal animals than you think. Then there's drawing females. And then you throw backgrounds into the mix, and hello @_@. Wait, that's for the comics...but the bios I should really do. Especially since I'll be working cheaply and will be doing it mostly in black and white, so I'll have to draw the characters and show them to you with information on each so that you know who's who. I also need to get a good idea of how MANY said characters I'll have. This looks like I'm gonna have a billion characters to keep track of...I have a tendency to do that X.X~* But don't expect any soon... I will, after I have a bunch of comics up, be getting a page so that I can actually post all the pages I wish. I will move SoaT there when I am able to, also. (My personal webpage's bandwith SUCKS and it's runnin' outta space. I'll have to cram it full of links @_@) I'll say when I do it!

Let's see, anything else? No? Okay, then, well, let's-a go do some homework!! *The Ha-ha-no emoticon* Well, anyway, from me and my keyboard (and apparantly bigger-space-holding Wii Keyboard screen), see ya!! ^_^

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